A sparrow I rescued. May 5, 2003.

May 4, 2011 at 6:01 pm EDT: I composed my first Tweet.

On that same evening, I created a LinkedIn profile.

It’s hard to believe that it has been [11 years 9 months.]

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[Update: January 8, 2021 at 9:00 am EST: I had uninstalled the Twitter app from my phone. It freed up 1 GB.
Everything has its season… sometimes in, sometimes out. I’m back on for informational, educational and technology related purposes.]

Offering Products and Quality Reliable Services

Offering Products and Quality Reliable Services.


What do you have Offer?

A product involves starts with a need, a solution through an idea and a design. Then materials and a process are needed to create it..

You need to consider the scope, quality and cost of a product or service.
Note: Taking longer at something or throwing money at a problem without having a goal in mind won’t help.

Does it work? If not, you need to change your thinking or environment..

What you may be able to offer is a service – your labor.

When doing creating a product or a providing a service, keep communication open and be flexible.

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This is my “Jeopardy!” 5 Day Score Sheet [Update]

Jeopardy! is an entertaining educational program I have loved watching for years.
I have been keeping score for every game since January 22, 2008.

I made another a major update to my two player Jeopardy! five game score sheet after 4 years.

The score sheet gives the opportunity to fill in the following information:
– Names of three players and their scores for that night (fill in right to left as Johnny Gilbert announces them)
– The number of days and total winnings for the current champion (no more tie games)
– Dated aired
– Total number of episodes (under Alex Trebek, Guest hosts, Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik),
– Season and episode within season in Season:Episode format (example 39:098).
– Date watched (What is a DVR?)

Jeopardy! Round with 6 categories ($200 to $1000)
— Spot to write an abbreviation of the category.
— Clues correct before commercial and after commercial
— Total clues correct for Jeopardy! Round

– Double Jeopardy! Round with the next 6 categories ($400 to 2000)
— Clues correct for Double Jeopardy! Round

– Total clues correct for Jeopardy! Round + Double Jeopardy! Round

– A new row for J!6 and a place to enter results (x / 12 clues correct and percentile)

– Final Jeopardy! (Space to write answer and if you or other player answered correctly)

Here is the newest score sheet!

Celebrity Jeopardy! Scoresheet

The 3 day score sheet gives you the opportunity to fill in the following information:
– Names of three players and their scores for that night (fill in right to left as Johnny Gilbert announces them)
– Spot for Quarterfinal, Semifinal and Final  games. QF:1, etc… SF-1, etc… and F-1…
– A place for episode information.

Jeopardy! Round with 6 categories ($100 to $500)
— Clues correct before commercial and after commercial
— Total clues correct for Jeopardy! Round

– Double Jeopardy! Round with the next 6 categories ($200 to $1000)
— Clues correct before commercial and after another commercial.
— Clues correct for Double Jeopardy! Round

– Total clues correct for Jeopardy! Round + Double Jeopardy! Round

– Triple Jeopardy! Round with the next 6 categories ($300 to $1500)
— Clues correct for Triple Jeopardy! Round

– Total clues correct for Jeopardy! + Double Jeopardy! + Triple Jeopardy! Rounds.

– Final Jeopardy! (Space to write answer and if you or other player answered correctly)

Here is the Celebrity Jeopardy! score sheet!

Note: Jeopardy Productions, Inc. “JEOPARDY!” and “America’s Favorite Quiz Show” are registered trademarks of Jeopardy Productions, Inc. All rights reserved.
Go to and enjoy all things that are Jeopardy!
– Current news, information about contestants, how to be on Jeopardy!, games, where to watch and more.
This post is not affiliated with, sponsored by, or operated by Jeopardy Productions, Inc. I am a fan.

Morning… Night.

Time is in your hands.

Time is in your hands.

Morning… Night.

Morning Routine:
Wake up after a decent amount of sleep so you feel rested, recharging and reset.
Make your bed. You accomplished one thing today.
(“Make Your Bed: Little Things That Can Change Your Life…And Maybe the World” by Admiral William H. McCraven (Ret.) )
Make sure you brush your teeth.
Do some light exercise, yoga or stretch.
Get a shower.
Get dressed – your outfit is ready the night before. (Pet peeve: When I see adults wearing pajamas in public, that projects an I don’t care attitude.)
Meditate, pray, read something inspirational or motivating.
Eat breakfast.
Read your personal emails.
Check your calendar.
Get on the road.

Do what you do for the day.
Be consistent in what you do and what you say.
Eat a small lunch somewhere in there and drink plenty of water.
If you have the chance to walk, do it.
Run errands if necessary, but make it home quickly.

Night Routine:
After returning home, spend time with family.
Eat a balanced meal.
If you are involved in an organization or two, participate and don’t overdo it.
Enjoy some entertainment or learn something new (Genius Hour).
Get your outfit out for the next day.
Wind down. Try not to look at cellphones or computers right before going to bed.

There are 24 hours in a day. Use them wisely.



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Animated heart outline with sparkles.

Love is patient, love is kind.
It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.
Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.
It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

Love never fails.

1 Corinthians 13:4-8a New International Version (NIV)

This passage is usually heard at weddings, but can be applied to everyday life.
This page has a pretty good breakdown.

Love in song:

A few classics, some of my favorites and some TV themes:
“Can’t Help Falling in Love” – Elvis Presley
“Love and Marriage” – Frank Sinatra (also TV theme for “Married with Children”)
“All You Need Is Love” – The Beatles
“The Power of Love” – Huey Lewis and the News
“Do You Believe in Love?” – Huey Lewis and the News [Edit 2/18]
“Hope You Love Me Like You Say You Do” – Huey Lewis and the News [Edit 2/18]
“I Want To Know What Love Is” – Foreigner
“Love American Style” Theme
“The Love Boat” Theme

For a more comprehensive list, these two sites have lists of songs with love in the title.
There are at least 1500 more and that’s just in English. Love is international.

Love all:
If you love someone continue to love them.
Even if you do not agree with someone, love them.
If you are in their presence or not in their presence, love them.
Be joyful and treat them with respect and love them.

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Kids will be kids.


Years go by.
0: It’s all about you. You have the whole place to yourself, you’re fed, you’re changed, you go to sleep.
1: You learn to communicate with body language and actions.
2: You learn to communicate with words.
3: All bodily functions can be controlled. All fat cells form by this time.
4: Have fun and be curious. Use your imagination.
5: You will be learning without your parents by your side.
6: If you can’t do something, don’t throw a temper tantrum, but breathe deeply and collect your thoughts.
7: Think about your interests.
8: Act on your interests.
9: Be athletically active.
10: Believe in something.
11: You’re starting to feel like you’re growing up.
12: Don’t settle for mediocrity.
13: Peer pressure can be overwhelming. Continue spiritual growth.
14: You will be exposed to cultures not like your own. Some are good, bad or neither. Choose wisely.
15: You are bound to make mistakes. Learn from them. Drop the attitude.
16: Just because you have an urge, don’t just act on it.
17: You are bound to make mistakes. Learn from them and keep a level head.
18: You are legally liable for what you do. Look to your left, look to your right and take the initiative to do well. Vote.
I would stop here, because beyond 18 is adulthood. It has been artificially extended.
19: You are either in the workforce or being indoctrinated to radical ideas (it may take until 35 to unlearn that – some never do).
20: If the adults around you are acting less like adults than you, remove yourself from that situation.
21: You need to be responsible. Be an adult and, act like one. Save your money. Don’t spend most of it on frivolous things.
I would still stop here, but society has further extended when adulthood starts.
22: If you’re still in college, get a major that there is a need for and get done.
23: Find a good mentor or friend.
24: If you are in a dead end job with no possibility for advancement, get out, but know where you will land first.
25: According to Robert Kiyosaki, this is the beginning of the 1st quarter, financially. If you have been working before then that’s the pre-game show.
26: Continue to learn, either an additional trade, or skill.
27: Don’t be a snowflake. See 20.
28: Your metabolism is going to slow down soon. Don’t eat like you’re 14.
29: I good friend once told me, “Don’t get married before you are 30.”
30: If you are still on your parents’ health insurance, and you are able, stop being a leech.
If you are still in school at this point, you are likely a Doctor.

Keep on moving:

You are not a kid anymore. Life goes on with its ups and downs. Enjoy.

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January 20, 2017; January 16, 2018 [Update]


January 20, 2021:
On November 3, 2020, a winner of the presidency had not been announced. On November 6 & 7, 2020, most media outlets had determined that Joseph R. Biden, Jr. won the 2020 Presidential Election and would become the 46th President of the United States and Kamala Devi Harris would become the 49th Vice President of the United States.

President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. had received more than the required (270) of Electoral Votes at (306) and incumbent President Donald John Trump received (232). This was certified on January 6, 2021 by the United States Senate.

Below is the original post from January 16, 2018 with updates from the 2020 Presidential Election.

January 20, 2017:
On November 9, 2016 at 2:40 am, it was determined that Donald John Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election and would become the 45th President of the United States and Michael Richard Pence would become the 48th Vice President of the United States.

President Trump received more than the required (270) of Electoral Votes at (304) and Hillary Clinton received (227). The other 5 were split between John Kasich (1-TX), Ron Paul (1-TX), Colin Powell (3-WA) and Faith Spotted Eagle (1-WA).

However the popular vote went to Hillary Clinton with 65,853,516 and Donald Trump received 62,984,825.
For official data check:

Electoral College versus Popular Vote has been a point of contention, but remember:

  • Senators are elected by popular vote (before the Seventeenth Amendment was adopted in 1913, Senators were chosen by State Legislatures).
  • Members of the House of Representatives are elected by popular vote.
  • Justices of the Supreme Court are Nominated and for the most part are Confirmed by the Senate.
  • Governors of each state are elected by popular vote.
  • On the local level various officials are either appointed, or elected by popular vote or other means. I don’t know if flipping a coin or rolling a die was ever officially used.

It was the peaceful changing of the guard … relatively speaking.

Trump 2016, Murphy 2017, 2018?
Donald Trump was elected President in 2016 and inaugurated in 2017. New Jersey had 10 months of President Trump and elected Phil Murphy at the end of 2017 and his inauguration is today. Now, what is behind the door for New Jersey in 2018?

January 16, 2018:
On November 7, 2017 shortly after 8:00 pm, Philip Dunton Murphy was declared the winner of the New Jersey Gubernatorial Election and would become the 56th Governor of New Jersey and Sheila Y. Oliver would become the 2nd Lieutenant Governor of New Jersey.

The results were 1,203,100 votes for Phil Murphy and 899,583 votes for Kim Guadagno.

Just a coincidence?:
Since the 1988 Presidential Election, the election of a new President of the United States has been followed by the election of the Governor of New Jersey for the opposite party (assuming a mostly two party system of Democrats and Republicans) 10 months later. Is this a coincidence or just balance?

Below are Presidential Election Years with New Jersey Gubernatorial Elections and other events indented.

1988 November 8: US Election: George Herbert Walker Bush

  • 1989 January 20: US Inauguration: George Herbert Walker Bush (41st President – Republican – Single Term)
  • 1989 November 7: NJ Election: James Joseph Florio
  • 1990 January 16: NJ Inauguration: James Joseph Florio (49th Governor – Democrat – Single Term)

1992 November 3: US Election: William Jefferson Clinton

  • 1993 January 20: US Inauguration: William Jefferson Clinton (42nd President – Democrat – First Term)
  • 1993 November 2: NJ Election: Christine Todd Whitman
  • 1994 January 18: NJ Election: Christine Todd Whitman (50th Governor – Republican – First Term)

1996 November : US Election: William Jefferson Clinton

  • 1997 January 20: US Inauguration: William Jefferson Clinton (42nd President – Democrat – Second Term)
  • 1997 November 4: NJ Election: Christine Todd Whitman
  • 1998 January 20: Christine Todd Whitman (50th Governor – Republican – Second Term = 1/5th)

2000 November 7: US Election: George Walker Bush

  • 2001 January 20: US Inauguration: George W. Bush (43rd President – Republican – First Term)
  • This is where it gets crazy.
  • 2001 January 31: Christine Todd Whitman resigns to become 9th Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency
  • 2001 January 31: Donald Thomas DiFrancesco (“51st” Governor – President of State Senate – Republican – “1/5 Term” (342 days))
  • 2001 November 6: NJ Election: James Edward McGreevey (See 5 points down)
  • 2002 January 8 at 12:00 pm: John J. Farmer Jr. (Acting Governor – Attorney General – Republican “1/5 Term” (90 minutes))
  • 2002 January 8 at 1:30 pm: John O. Bennett III  (Acting Governor – Republican – “1/5 Term” (4 days))
  • 2002 January 12: Richard James Codey (Acting Governor – Democrat – “1/5 Term” (3 days))
  • 2002 January 15: NJ Inauguration: James Edward McGreevey (52nd Governor – Democrat – “1/2 Term”)
  • 2004 August 12: James Edward McGreevey (announces resignation)

Time out: Why “1/5 Term” according to Wikipedia? … It’s the number of people, not literal fraction, count them:

  1. Whitman: 1107 days (1107/1453 Term)
  2. DiFrancesco: 342 days (342/1453 Term)
  3. Farmer: 90 minutes (1/23248 Term)
  4. Bennett: 3 days 22 hours 30 minutes (87/23248 Term)
  5. Codey: 3 days (3/1453 Term)

2004 November 2: US Election: George Walker Bush

  • It’s still kind of crazy.
  • 2004 November 15: James Edward McGreevey (resignation takes effect)
  • 2004 November 15: Richard James Codey (53nd Governor – President of State Senate – Democrat – “1/2 Term”)
  • 2005 January 20: US Inauguration: George W. Bush (43rd President – Republican – Second Term)
  • 2005 November 8: NJ Election: Jon Stevens Corzine
  • 2006 January 17: NJ Inauguration: Jon Stevens Corzine (54th Governor – Democrat – Single Term)

2008 November 4: US Election: Barack Hussein Obama

  • 2009 January 20: US Inauguration: Barack Hussein Obama (44th President – Democrat – First Term)
  • 2009 November 3: NJ Election: Christopher James Christie
  • 2010 January 19: NJ Inauguration: Christopher James Christie (55th Governor – Republican – First Term)

2012 November 6: US Election: Barack Hussein Obama

  • 2013 January 20: US Inauguration: Barack Hussein Obama (44th President – Democrat – Second Term)
  • 2013 November 5: NJ Election: Christopher James Christie
  • 2014 January 21: NJ Inauguration: Christopher James Christie (55th Governor – Republican – Second Term)

2016 November 8: US Election: Donald John Trump

  • 2017 January 20: US Inauguration: Donald John Trump (45th President – Republican – Single Term)
  • 2017 November 7: NJ Election: Philip Dunton Murphy
  • 2018 January 16: NJ Inauguration: Philip Dunton Murphy (56th Governor – Democrat – First* Term)

2020 November 3: US Election: Joseph R. Biden, Jr.

  • 2021 January 20: US Inauguration: Joseph R. Biden, Jr. (46th President – Democrat – First* Term)
  • 2021 November 2: NJ Election: Philip Dunton Murphy
  • 2022 January: NJ Inauguration: TBD

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Introspection, Inspiration and Inception.

Introspection, Inspiration and Inception.

I have been reflecting on 2017 in numeric terms, on personal level and in overall society.
As for basic living, I have had 1,095+ meals, 2,600 hours of sleep, 375 showers (not 52), brushed my teeth 1,400+ times and had 17 Haircuts.
I have driven 11,107.8 miles in my car, and flown 5,380 direct (5,500 actual) air miles. As for the Internet: 6 blog posts, a few pages on my site, about 1000 Tweets and most of my Facebook posts.

I have also watched 227 episodes of “Jeopardy!” It should have been 230 episodes some were preempted by other events. That’s just about 14,000 clues.

I have been to the Levoy Theatre 15 times.

My computer has tested 19 tested Mersenne numbers (2^p – 1) to determine if prime – none so far, and double checked 10 more and those still were not prime numbers.

The Earth has traveled about 584 million miles along its orbit, with respect to the sun. Don’t ask me to count the Earth’s rotation in the mix.

Between “Dancing With The Stars” Seasons 24 and 25, and “So You Think You Can Dance” Season 14, I learned that I could possibly dance.

After watching “Property Brothers [all incarnations],” “Love It or List It,” “Fixer Upper,” “Good Bones,” and “Desert Flippers,” I reaffirmed that I could work on my own house projects within reason. Then you call a specialist if you can’t do it yourself.

New Hope for 2017. A new type of President in Donald J. Trump. A new reason to complain for some. Advice: If you don’t get your way, don’t throw a temper tantrum, because you are an adult. Definition of adult: starts at 18, not delayed until 30.

The Patriots won a big game and I think that was the last professional football game I watched. Valentine’s Day tends to be a week long celebration. Celebrate love and cooperation, not hate and resistance.
One morning a week later, I was watching what I thought was news. I determined it was “Fake News” or at least hysteria or hypnosis on a 15 minute repeating cycle. Normally two hours of a cable news morning show covers: a major event, politics, some cooking, entertainment, the weather and sports.

I went to see “Most Likely to Succeed” and I changed a few habits. I attend much more professional development that’s free or out of my pocket. At the end of the month, I went to Google Bootcamp Level 1 at Stockton for 2 days. [Plug for Kiker Learning here.]

A reality check on creep of privatization in education: maintenance, cafeteria, substitute teachers, teacher’s aides, ESP, teachers for 20% to 25% of salary through almost long-term assignments. Travel south: ironically 4 months early for 100% solar eclipse. “Doctor Who” Series 10 lasts for a few months. More requirements for so little.

Genius hour activity: Mars Calendar MY34. The Kentucky Derby: remembering an old friend and knowing someone I should take to the races. Another year older, 47, another time to reflect. “The Shack” a perspective on God (not like “Star Trek V: The Final Frontier”). EdCamp Happy Camper was my first EdCamp and I won an electronic sock puppet. The closest to that was Bacon Bytes in 2015. I became a Google Certified Educator Level 1. The Preakness: more horses. I took the Jeopardy! online test: no word yet, if I was on there, I couldn’t tell you anyway.

I drove 3 hours to Google Bootcamp Level 2 in Bergen County, then the next week went to Garden State Summit Google Apps for Education. The Belmont: even more horses. Graduations: some good speeches, some virtue signaling speeches. Apparently some feel that patriotism is hate speech and if you have a difference of opinion with someone, you can ignore their genuine greeting. Learn not to get involved in identity politics. Hate the action, not the person. I became a Google Certified Educator Level 2.

Be a good host. Marriage is a great thing with the right person. Riding a tractor is exhilarating. Interviews are not meant to be a reality game show.

New Start Career Network: validation of retraining yourself, meeting new people. Help others: be non-partisan. Check your power surge protectors, they’re dated. If there is no date on it, then it’s over 20 years old. I attended a 50th Anniversary: cooperation and compassion lasts. A Solar Eclipse on a summer day can create a cool breeze. Last minute help can save the day.

Bridge out: Imagine, you get in your car drive the path you take every day and all of a sudden you’ve lost one of your major options. The path you travel sometimes needs to change and may take longer. “The Orville” on Fox (now Disney) vs. “Star Trek: Discovery” on CBS All Access. I need a good laugh not more virtue signaling. Apps get larger, delete an app, clear cache. After a while forced obsolescence occurs and you need to replace your phone. That applies to Apple and Android. EdCamp SoJersey at Stockton.

Groundhog day in October. Goal to be healthier. You can make resolutions at anytime – even October 8th. After 3163 days 100,000 miles in my car. A name from the past makes me realize some nonsense is in the past.

Amazon could come to Millville, NJ with infrastructure enhancements. Some sand plants nearby could be converted to computer chip or solar panel manufacturing. Easy access to NJ-55. Philadelphia, Atlantic City, Rowan University, Stockton University and Rutgers University in Camden within 45 minutes to 1 hour. Traffic not that bad. Millville straight-line equidistant between New York City and Washington, DC ~115 miles.

November (Big Month):
Archives organization. Election Day: Balance in New Jersey. In 2008, Barack Obama (D) was elected as the 44th President, then in 2009 Chris Christie (R) elected Governor of New Jersey. In 2016, Donald J. Trump (R) was elected as the 45th President, then in 2017 Phil Murphy (D) elected Governor of New Jersey. Like I said in January, If you don’t get your way, don’t throw a temper tantrum, because you are an adult. Get back to blogging. EdCampNJ in New Brunswick. Winning hardware is fun. Know the odds. Facebook Marketplace: Get a Drafting Table and accessories. Create a Maker Space. Thanksgiving: be thankful for family and health. Continue to take care of the homefront. I closed the month with a lunch and tour at an exclusive place. It still feels surreal to me.

I can’t really dance, but I can sing. Downsizing and organization. Christmas preparations. Christmas. I’ll close this section with a quote from Peter Capaldi as the 12th Doctor in the “Doctor Who” Christmas Special: “Twice Upon a Time” … [spoilers] … “Never be cruel, never be cowardly. And never ever eat pears! Remember – hate is always foolish… and love is always wise. Always try to be nice and never fail to be kind.”

Inspiration can come from many places. It can come from people: family, old friends, mentors, teachers, coworkers, strangers, clergy, and even political figures. It can come from books, poems, photography, all other forms of media.

Now that it is 2018, it is a time to begin again. Regenerate.

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Act Boldly. Change Deliberately.
Educate Frequently.
GISday 2017
Happy, Healthy, Hiking.
Introspection, Inspiration and Inception.

Happy, Healthy, Hiking.

Happy, Healthy, Hiking:

As this post goes live, you have likely participated in Thanksgiving Dinner, watched some football, burned some calories during Black Friday shopping and attended a parade.
Here is an extra helping of advice.


Enjoy the time you spend with family and friends. Thanksgiving Dinner, a birthday party, an anniversary are great times to meet in person. Make time at other times of the year.

The Internet has made it so much easier to keep in touch with family and friends. First email, then chat, now video via Skype, Hangouts or Duo and a few others. That regular contact helps.


Mens sana in corpore sano.
Translated from Latin to English: A sound mind in a healthy body.

Healthy Mind: In school you can learn many topics, but be cautious of a hidden curriculum or virtue signaling. This goes back to educating yourself. Learn how to do minor household repairs.

Healthy Body:

It’s simple.

Get enough sleep. Not getting enough sleep is like not charging your cellphone and letting it go down to 5%. Take a nap if you need it. Don’t just lay on the sofa all day.

Eat the correct foods in the correct portions at regular times. Don’t overindulge. Just because it’s there doesn’t mean you need to eat it.

Breathe fresh air. My OSHA / environmental friends would have much more to say about this. Make sure your indoor is mold or mildew free. Lighting candles or spraying purfume or air freshener only masks those smells. Get outside to get natural fresh air. See hiking below.

Excercise. I can’t say enough about what walking does for you. Walk at least 2 miles per day. Stretch or do yoga. Get some cardiovascular work into your day. It could be running, push-ups, cutting wood, cycling (with bicycle), boxing, martial arts or climbing a rock “because it’s there.” It all comes down to self discipline.

Healthy Spirit:

Don’t hold onto grudges. Don’t intentionally agitate someone. Note: we don’t know a majority of what we say or do that offends someone. Speak your mind, but don’t speak behind someone’s back to try to tarnish their reputation.

Meditate or pray. When you wake up, ground yourself. It could be reflecting on a Bible passage, doing yoga or listening to soft music or sitting outside listening to the birds singing. Another note: in many religions there were and are specific times for prayer: waking at the first light of dawn, sunrise, mid-morning (usually coffee break), high noon, the mid-afternoon, sunset, about 60-90 minutes after sunset, and before sleeping. If you wake up in the middle of the night from a bad dream, reflect on that, then reflect on something positive.


There is something rejuvenating about a hike. I like the ones with some change in elevation. Not only do you get walking, you get cardiovascular. The scenery is amazing and great for photographic opportunities.

So if you have been sitting at your computer while reading this blog post, get up out of your seat and… “Go, take a hike.”

The end of Ice Box Canyon Trail in Red Rock Canyon. December 22, 2017 at 9:34 a.m. PST.

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Act Boldly. Change Deliberately.
Educate Frequently.
GIS Day 2017.
Happy, Healthy, Hiking.

GIS Day 2017

Geographic Information Systems

Go to to read more about GIS Day.


Where am I? Where am I going? What was / is / will be there? Can you help me?

First you need input.
That can be from a land survey which refers to another land survey… which refers to another land survey… which refers to another land survey…
You could get soil samples. I recently had to have a new well installed. In order to figure how deep to place the submerged pump, Hoover had to get beyond the high iron levels.
Here is the sample:

Soil Samples

January 17, 2015 at 7:19:38 am EST

Top Row:
10: Gravel.
20: More gravel and small pebbles.
25^: Loads of pebbles (clear Cape May Diamond types, white, pink, tan). Beautiful, if you ask me.
30: Sand (1 mm diameter) high iron content.
40: Sand with iron (getting finer).
50: Sand still getting finer.
Middle Row:
60: This almost looks like beach sand.
70: Grey sand (now that’s different).
80: Grey sand.
90: Grey sand.
100: Now we’re talking, it’s getting darker.
Bottom Row:
110: Still darker (more organic).
120: Still darker (more organic).
130: Still darker (more organic).
140: Still darker (more organic).
150: Now that’s almost black (rich organic, no iron).
Little one: Material used to hold pipe in place.

Then you need storage.
Physical storage for maps, photographs, deed books, core samples of soil, rock or ice.
Digital storage going back to magnetic tape, CDs or to today a multi Terabyte server farm.
I need to get a drawer for large maps.

Then you need to process the information.
Usually a person, computer and or both.

Then you need output.
Create a map by hand or digitally.  or computer application.

Millville, New Jersey Topographic Map derived from ESRI elevation .shp files.

Then you need to share that information.
Locals to New Jersey check this website:
Go to NJ-Web Geo 3.0.
If you scroll down to the layers of imagery, you can see topographic maps from the 1880’s and 1960’s with modifications, aerial photographs from 1930, NJDEP wetlands basemaps from 1970, tidal maps from 1977, infrared from 1995, 2002 and 2007. Then more images have been collected at a faster pace natural for 2007, 2010, infrared for 2012, then natural for 2012, 2013, 2015 and infrared for 2015.
Google Earth, Google Maps, Bing, Mapquest, ESRI, too many to count.
To see how many, check this link from checking the latitude and longitude of Millville, New Jersey from Wikipedia.,_New_Jersey&params=39.390094_N_-75.054797_E_region:US_type:city
At this point, Google Maps and other maps are collaborative, so people and businesses can verify information (with some error) and provide photographs.
If you take a picture of a landmark with a new digital camera or a smartphones, the photograph will include embedded date, time and location including orientation.

Interstate Highway System:
In the United States, we have a system of roads that run from coast to coast, from Mexico to Canada, and between major cities.
I just wanted to create headings of G, I and S.
U.S. Department of Transportation: Federal Highway Administration:

Spatial Intelligence:
Spatial Intelligence involves layers of multiple data sets based on location or time.
You can create a map that has applications that connect business, education, other industries and organizations.

Check ESRI for other GIS information software and training:

As with many of my posts, I will be editing to correct or enhance my blog.

This is post 3 of my alphabet posts.

Act Boldly. Change Deliberately.
Educate Frequently.
GIS Day 2017.