This is My “Jeopardy!” 5 Day Score Sheet

Jeopardy! is an entertaining an educational program that I have loved watching for years.
I have been keeping score for every game since January 22, 2008.

I did a major update to my two player Jeopardy! five game score sheet.

The score sheet gives the opportunity to fill in the following information:
– Names of three players and their scores for that night (fill in right to left as Johnny Gilbert announces them)
– The number of days and total winnings for the current champion (no more tie games)
– Dated aired
– Total number of episodes (under Alex Trebek), Season and episode within season
– Date watched (What is a DVR?)

Jeopardy! Round with 6 categories
— Clues correct before commercial and after commercial
— Total clues correct for Jeopardy! Round

– Double Jeopardy! Round with the next 6 categories
— Clues correct for Double Jeopardy! Round

– Total clues correct for Jeopardy! Round + Double Jeopardy! Round

– A new row for J!6 and a place to enter results (x / 12 clues correct and percentile)

– Final Jeopardy! (Space to write answer and if you or other player answered correctly)

Here is the score sheet!

About Ted Prohowich, Jr.
Technology Consultant. Remote Teacher. Photographer. Mathematician. 3-D Printing Enthusiast. Google Certified Educator Level 2. Husband.

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